1. 18 February 2015. Mongolian National Federation of Pasture User Groups is local herder organization which is established by the initiatives of (pasture user groups, soum, aimag federation and association of pasture user groups)
  2. NFPUG started implementing sustainable Cashmere project in 5 soums of Bayankhongor. Duration 2015.03.01-2016.11.30
  3. NFPUG started implementing Consultancy service for environmental condition project funded by Bayan Airag Exploration LLC. Duration 2015.06.30-2015.11.30
  4. 2016, Mining offset project, funded by Boroo Gold LLC
  5. 2017, “Peri-Urban rangeland” project funded by Millenium Challenge Corporation
  6. 2018, Otor region rangeland research funded by MOFALI
  7. 2018, Organizing rangeland monitoring database, funded by NAMEM
  8. 2018, Rangeland management: Developing skills for processing information and reporting funded by Agriculture University of Iceland
  9. 2018, Data collection and capacity building in support of the Pastoralists Driven Data funded by UN FAO
  10. 2018, BelcheerErdene – Tsogt-Ovoo project funded by GoviinOyu development fund
  11. 2017, Disseminate Pasture UserSection/Pasture User Group practices of the“Green Gold, Health of Livestock” project, funded by Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation
  12. 2018, Sustainable Textile Production and EcoLabelling in Mongolia (STePEcoLab) funded by European Union
  13. 2019, Pasture and Market Development project funded by International Fund for Agricultural Development

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