Rangeland ecology

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04 Jargalsaikhan - Precipitation and grassland porductivity Татаж авах
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10 Tuvshintogtokh and Ariungerel - Overgrazing Татаж авах
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12 Nachinshonhor - Steppe vegetation and pastoralism Татаж авах
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13 Fujita et al. - Vegetation Татаж авах
134SouthGobi_paper_2004 Татаж авах
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2. Driving environmental factors and the role of grazing in grassland communities Татаж авах
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3. Impact of Interannual Variability of Meteorological Parameters on Татаж авах
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6.Effects of Soil and Land Surface Conditions in Summer on Татаж авах
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Addison_PhDthesis Татаж авах
Addisonetal_RangelandJournal_2012 Татаж авах
Allium-Mongolia Татаж авах
An intrinsic mechanism for the co-existence of different survival strategies Татаж авах
An observational study of ecohydrology of a sparse grassland at the edge Татаж авах
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badr_Vol_1_No_1_p17-32_A_scale_depending_grazing_gradient_in_an_79349 Татаж авах
Batkhishig PhD thesis_2012 Татаж авах
Batsaikhan et all_Conserving the World's Finest Grassland Amidst Ambitious National Development Татаж авах
Beitrag_Zemmrich_44_1_2005 Татаж авах
Book review Татаж авах
C4 plants in the vegetation of Mongolia their natural occurrence Татаж авах
C641_49-67 Татаж авах
CALE Reports No.1 _Research Project of Mongolian Land Law 2008_mfg6.29.08 Татаж авах
Can Edaphic Factors Demonstrate Landscape-Scale Differences in Vegetation Responses to Татаж авах
ch5p09 Татаж авах
Changes in the herbage nutritive value and yield Татаж авах
Characteristics of Dust Emission in the Mongolian Steppe Татаж авах
Clustered burrow yield higher heterogeniety Татаж авах
Communities of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in Stipa krylovii Татаж авах
Community collective action and common grazing The case of post-socialist Mongolia Татаж авах
Community organizing–a key step towards sustainable livelihoods and co-management Татаж авах
Community, Collective Action and Common Grazing Татаж авах
Comparative_Study_2012 Татаж авах
Complementary effect of livestock and marmot on vegetation Татаж авах
Cross-boundary and cross-level dynamics increase vulnerability to severe Татаж авах
Degraded rangeland dominated by unpalatable forbs Татаж авах
Desertification Emerges through Cross-scale Interaction Татаж авах
Diss_Zemmrich_2_Thesis Татаж авах
Do pasture user groups lead to improved rangeland condition in the Mongolian Татаж авах
Drivers of the dynamics in net primary productivity Татаж авах
eaa_decentralization_ejdr_final_chap8 Татаж авах
ecotones_mongolia Татаж авах
Effect of plant species on communities of arbuscular Татаж авах
Effects of Caragana microphylla patch and its canopy size Татаж авах
Effects of Different Grazing on the Typical Steppe Vegetation Characteristics on the Mongolian Plateau_ Татаж авах
Effects of fertilization and irrigation on productivity, Татаж авах
Effects of large herbivore exclusion on southern Mongolian desert steppesq Татаж авах
Effects of livestock grazing on pollination Татаж авах
Effects of livestock grazing on the spatial heterogeneity Татаж авах
Effects of NPK Fertilisation in Arid Southern Mongolian Desert Steppes Татаж авах
Environmental controls on evapotranspiration from sparse grassland in Mongolia Татаж авах
Epiphytic lichens as indicators of grazing pressure in the Mongolian Татаж авах
Equilibrium or Non-Equilibrium Ecosystems-Scaling Effects in Rangeland Ecosystems of Татаж авах
Field measurement of infiltration rate using an oscillating nozzle rainfall simulator in Татаж авах
finaldzudpaper Татаж авах
FK2004_IJRSmong Татаж авах
FordandMartinez2000 Татаж авах
FragmentationofrangelandsImplicationsforhumans,animals, Татаж авах
Fratkin and Mearns_Sustainablilty and Pastoral Livelihoods Татаж авах
full_Van Staa_PhD thesis Татаж авах
Gankhuyag Uyanga Татаж авах
Garchinbyamba_Tuvdesertificationcuases_ForestScienceTech_2013 Татаж авах
Geospatial Assessment of Grazing Regime Shifts and Sociopolitical Changes in a Mongolian Татаж авах
Germination Ecology of Central Asian Stipa Spp-Differences among Species, Seed Татаж авах
Germination of fresh and frost-treated seeds from dry Central Asian steppes Татаж авах
GES1-11 Татаж авах
goy uguulel Journal of Arid Environments_68_132 Татаж авах
grass_sci_55_2_89 Татаж авах
Grasslands of Asia and North America Татаж авах
Grazing and land degradation in CIS countries and Mongolia Татаж авах
Grazing_management_strategies_as_a_factor_influencing_ecological_stability_DP_Sheehy Татаж авах
habil Татаж авах
Heavy grazing constraints on foraging behavior of Mongolia livestock Татаж авах
HilkerForestrySatelliteObservedWidespread Татаж авах
How Mongolian Herders Are Transforming Nomadic Pastoralism Татаж авах
Impact of Grazing Livestock and Distance from Water Source on Soil Fertility in Southern Татаж авах
Impact of rainfall variability and grazing pressure on plant diversity Татаж авах
Is Rangeland Health Relevant to Mongolia Татаж авах
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j.1744-697X.2008.00112.x11 Татаж авах
J_arid_env_73_67_687 Татаж авах
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JALS-P37_235-238 Татаж авах
jamsranjav-c Татаж авах
JEMA_keshkamat Татаж авах
Joly_spatialheterogeneitygrazingmovementsGobi_JArid_2013 Татаж авах
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journal.pone.0057599 (1) Татаж авах
journal.pone.0077565 Татаж авах
jwsr-v8n3-kradin Татаж авах
Kakinuma_degradationperceptionherders_NomPeop_2008 Татаж авах
kazato5 Татаж авах
Koerner_etal_2014_JVS Татаж авах
Land use and land tenure in Mongolia A brief history and current issues Татаж авах
Late Holocene vegetation history suggests natural origin of steppes Татаж авах
Law and disorder  local implementation of Mongolia's land law Татаж авах
Legumes mitigate ecological consequences of a topographic gradient Татаж авах
Li07 Татаж авах
Lkhagvadorj_ForestSteppeAltainomadism_JAridEnv_2013 Татаж авах
MAS_EntireBook Татаж авах
MFGetal2012CrossBoundaryCrossLevelDynamics Татаж авах
Miao_remotesensing Татаж авах
MITJPSPGC_Reprint_13-16 Татаж авах
miyazaki.etal.JGR.2004agrometeorological Татаж авах
mjbs006-01-02-01 Татаж авах
mjbs006-01-02-02 Татаж авах
mjbs007-01-02-13 Татаж авах
Model analysis of grazing effect on Татаж авах
Mongolia's Rangelands_Is Livestock Production the Key to the Future Татаж авах
mongolia-gobi-project-assessment Татаж авах
Mori et al. 2013 Biology Reviews (1) Татаж авах
Morphological and physico-chemical Татаж авах
natural recovery of roads Татаж авах
Nomadic_peoples_2008_paper_Miller_and_Sheehy Татаж авах
P020090417554725838656 Татаж авах
Pages from GES1-11 Татаж авах
Palatability of Mongolian Rangeland Plants Татаж авах
Pastoral nomadism in Mongolia Татаж авах
Pastoral nomadism in the forest-steppe of the Mongolian Altai under a changing Татаж авах
Pastoralism and protected area management in Mongolia’s Gobi Gurvansaikhan National Park. Татаж авах
Pasture yield response to precipitation and high Татаж авах
Performance_and_management_of_natural_pasture_in_Mongolia_S_Tserendash_and_B_Erdenebaatar Татаж авах
Phenology of mongolian grasslands and moisture conditions Татаж авах
Plant functional types and climate along a precipitation Татаж авах
Plant response to climate change varies with topography, interactions with neighbors, and ecotype Татаж авах
Pol Ecol Stud 8 23-39 Татаж авах
policy-brief-mongolia-co-management-of-pastureland Татаж авах
Pollinators attracted to mound created by marmot (1) Татаж авах
Population, Nomadic Pastoralism and the Environment in the Mongolian Plateau Татаж авах
Predictive Mapping of Plant Species and Communities Using GIS and Landsat Data Татаж авах
PREM WP 05-10 Татаж авах
Pressurised pastoralism in South Gobi, Татаж авах
R_Mearns_Territoriality_and_land_tenure_among_Mongolian_pastoralists_ Татаж авах
RailwayPastureDegradationStudy Татаж авах
Rangeland management in highly variable environments Татаж авах
Rangelands of Gobi Gurvan Saikhan National Conservation Park, Mongolia Татаж авах
Reconsidering the role of absentee herd owners A view from Mongolia Татаж авах
Relationship between Soil Moisture and Vegetation Activity Татаж авах
Research Report No.8 Татаж авах
Response diversity determines the resilience Татаж авах
Responses of vegetation to marmot disturbance Татаж авах
Retzer_et_al_YARE_preprint Татаж авах
Retzer_ForageCompetition Татаж авах
Retzer_Nadrowski_2002 Татаж авах
Retzer_Reudenbach Татаж авах
RJPP469 Татаж авах
Sasaki et al. (2007) Татаж авах
Sasaki et al. (2010a) Ecol Eng Татаж авах
Sasaki et al. (2011) Plant Ecol Татаж авах
SCHMIDT-Pastoral-Community-Organization Татаж авах
SES69_006 Татаж авах
Simulating Root Responses to Grazing of a Mongolian Grassland Ecosystem Татаж авах
Social capital collective action and group formation developmental trajectories in post-socialist Mongolia Татаж авах
socioeconomic_segmentation_B_Bold Татаж авах
Spatial and Social Boundaries and the Paradox Татаж авах
Spatial grazing pattern of marmot Татаж авах
Spectral unmixing model to assess land cover fractions in Mongolian steppe regions Татаж авах
Structure of soil bacterial communities in relation to environmental variables Татаж авах
Submitted to Publisher Татаж авах
Supporting Mongolian pastoralists by using GIS to identify grazing limitations and Татаж авах
Sustaining livelihoods on Mongolia's pastoral commons Татаж авах
Sustaining the steppes A geographical history of pastoral land use in Mongolia Татаж авах
Suttie, J. 2005. Grazing management in Mongolia Татаж авах
Tar1998e Татаж авах
Temporal and spatial variation in how vegetation alters the soil moisture response Татаж авах
Testing a non-equilibrium model of rangeland vegetation dynamics in Mongolia Татаж авах
The effects of livestock privatisation on pastoral land use and land tenure in Post-Socialist Mongolia Татаж авах
The Environmental Impact of not Having Paved Roads in Arid Regions- An Example from Mongolia Татаж авах
The relative importance of different seed dispersal modes in dry Татаж авах
The Role of Mongolian Nomadic Pastoralists' Ecological Knowledge in Rangeland Management Татаж авах
Threshold Distinctions Between Equilibrium and Татаж авах
Threshold Distinctions Between Equilibrium and Nonequilibrium Pastoral Systems Along a Татаж авах
turcz_16_2_88-90 Татаж авах
Twenty Years After Decollectivization Mobile Livestock Татаж авах
ukmss-36605 Татаж авах
Vegetation Change along Gradients from Water Sources in Three Grazed Mongolian Татаж авах
Vegetation Composition and Nutritional Quality of Forage for Gazelles in Eastern Mongolia Татаж авах
Von Wehrden et al_Mong_J_B_Sci Татаж авах
vonWehrdenetal_Phytocoenologia-libre Татаж авах
vonWehrdenEtAlFeddes117 Татаж авах
wangetalGEC1 Татаж авах
wangetalGEC2 Татаж авах
Wesche_et_al__Mong_J_B_Sci-libre Татаж авах
Wesche_Nadrowski_Retzer_2007 Татаж авах
Wesche_Retzer_Degradation_final Татаж авах
Wesche_vonWehrdenAVS-libre Татаж авах
WescheEtAlActaOecologica2010 Татаж авах
Yoshihara et al. (2010) Татаж авах
Zemmrich_etal_JAE2010 Татаж авах
Zemmrich_HBPGL_08 Татаж авах
Zemmrich_Mongoliaplantsdb_FoliaGeob_2013 Татаж авах
Zemmrich_Phytocoeno_2010 Татаж авах