Номын нэр Холбоос Төрөл
1.Grazing Intensity on Vegetation Dynamics of a Typical Steppe in Northeast Татаж авах
2.Driving environmental factors and the role of grazing in grassland communities Татаж авах
3.heavy_grazing Татаж авах
4.Positive and negative effects of livestock grazing on plant Татаж авах
5.two phase functional redundancy in plant communities along gradients in mongolian rangelands Татаж авах
6.Assessment of grazing effect on sheep fescue (Festuca valesiaca) dominated steppe Татаж авах
8.Indicators of grazing impact in Inner Mongolian steppe ecosystems Татаж авах
9.Spatial pattern of grazing affects influence of herbivore_tarvaga Татаж авах
10.Vegetation pattern variation, soil degradation and their relationship along gradient Татаж авах
11.Plant communities of the Gobi Gurvan Sayhan National Park Татаж авах
12.Fire ecology Татаж авах
13.Maria Татаж авах
14.The effect of grazing management on plant species Татаж авах
15.Characteristics of grassland Татаж авах
16.Grassland degradation in China Methods of monitoring Татаж авах
17.mongolian_drylands Татаж авах
18.The impact of herbivores in a Mongolian forest steppe_HNP Татаж авах
19.comparison of vegetation changes along grazing gradients with different numbers of livestock Татаж авах
20.Rangeland degradation on the Qinghai-Tibetan plateau A review of the evidence Татаж авах
21.Patterns of floristic composition under different grazing intensities in Bulgan, South gobi, mongolia Татаж авах
22.Threshold changes in vegetation along a grazing gradient in Mongolian rangelandsd Татаж авах
24.Chuluun_YC0048 Татаж авах
25.Klaus Kellner - Semi-arid Savanna rangeland degradation and management Татаж авах
27.Rangeland, Livestock and Herders Татаж авах
28.Rangeland degradation in Kazakhstan during the Татаж авах
30.Uur amisgal_2009_Mongolia Татаж авах