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1 A conceptual model of arid Rangeland degradation
2 A unified framework for assessment and application of ecological thresholds     ҮЗЭХ
3 Aguilera_STM_Pampa_Ecotropicos_1998     ҮЗЭХ
4 Application of soil quality to monitoring and management- paradigms from rangeland ecology.     ҮЗЭХ
5 Bestelmeyer_Grand Challenges for Resilience-Based Management of Rangeland     ҮЗЭХ
6 Bestelmeyer_Twidwell rebuttal_Rangelands_2015     ҮЗЭХ
7 Briske_STMrangehealthsynthesis_2005     ҮЗЭХ
8 Briske_vegdyn_JAppEcol_2003     ҮЗЭХ
9 Brown_lowoutputsystemsthresholds_CanFor_1999     ҮЗЭХ
10 Czembor_quantifyingvarianceSTM predictions_JAppEcol_2011     ҮЗЭХ
11 Development and use of state-and-transition models for     ҮЗЭХ
12 Spatial perspective on state and transition models     ҮЗЭХ
13 structurefunctionSTMAppVegSci_2011     ҮЗЭХ
14 SouthAustraliaaridlandSTM_RangeJ_2013     ҮЗЭХ
15 Multi-state succession in wetlands- a novel use of state and transition models     ҮЗЭХ
16 A multi-scale classification of vegetation dynamics in arid lands- What is the right scale for models_ monitoring_ and restoration     ҮЗЭХ
17 Structure_of_state_transitions     ҮЗЭХ
18 State and transition models for rangelands. 1. Successional theory and vegetation change     ҮЗЭХ
19 State and transition models for rangelands. 2. Ecology as a basis for rangeland management- performance criteria for testing models     ҮЗЭХ
20 State and transition models for rangelands. 3. The impact of the state and transition model on grazing lands research, management and extension- a review