Herders of Uvurkhangai aimag, Bat-Ulzii soum are actively joining for the matching fund














Khuvtsagaan Altantsetseg has appointed as a leader of Bat-Ulzii soum association of pasture user groups (PUGs) in May 2017 and through her hardworking skill, the activities of Bat-Ulzii soum has been very successful. Although they had established 19 PUGs in the soum level, we they to decrease the number of pasture user groups due to the traditional livestock herding lifestyle. Therefore, Altantsetseg changed the number of PUGs to 8 officially based on herders opinion by organizing meetings with every PUG herders and made discussion among them. One examples of their successful work and the fact that they are attracting the herder’s attention is the collection of their matching fund. 799 herders joined to the matching fund and they collected 20,425,000 MNT from herder families, by adding the support from SDC GGAH project, the total amount of matching fund became 40,664,000 MNT. Also they lent 18.2 million MNT as a herder loan.



She is suggesting following recommendations for collecting the matching fund:

1. They met with each PUG herder households with PUG leaders and organize meeting with nearby herder and introduce the project activities and benefits. First of all, they try to give the right concept of the project and explain the project result and expectations.

2. They also select PUG leader as an active individual who are selected by the herders themselves. Based on their work performance, they reward PUG leaders every 14 weeks to motivate. Even slighter result has been seen by successfully collaborating with PUG leaders.

3. Cooperating with soum civil society members and governors by providing information and establishing new ways of collaboration.

4. By the memorandum of soum rangeland management working group collaboration, office has been provided from soum governor’s official that established the opportunity to meet and discuss with herders and PUG leaders. Hired an assistant to give recommendation to herder and be in charge of administration documents.

5. When herders give cash to the matching fund, they give receipt of cash and person who took the cash which is beneficial to make no tension between them.

They made photo monitoring in 8 PUG’s 16 points with collaboration of rangeland management working groups and land managers. By the help of PUG leaders they organized meeting among herders and made hand drawing of rangeland boundaries, especially seasonal rangeland then made decision in certain issues by introducing it to the state land organization, soum and bagh governors and civil society members. Based on photo monitoring result, PUG based rangeland use agreement (RUA) was introduced to the herders of Buregtei PUG. As herders were favorable to the RUA, the agreement was approved by soum governor’s decree. Experimental works of resting some autumn, winter rangeland had been implemented with good result and started giving recommendation to exclosure 30 hectares of rangeland.




Organized yak festival in July 2017 with collaboration of governor’s office, tourist companies. During the festival they have built 2 gers and introduced the project GGAHP, aimag, soum and federation’s activities, hence they made hand crafting exhibition to increase the member herder’s income. 150 international and 200 domestic tourist have participated for this event. The hand craft of Ul-Oldokh, who attended the felt training from GGAHP got the top prize for this exhibition.




Published: 2018-02-07 03:23:13