The scope of activity

Supporting herders to become more organized to develop rangeland management, advance pasture related relationships, improve livestock health and quality, raise herder household income, and increase the value of animal-based raw materials at local level in Aimag and Soums through providing professional and methodological assistance, which resulted in the establishment of 1488 pasture user groups (PUG) with 81.6 thousand herder members at 157 soums. These efforts have been contributing to improve the PUG based herder organizations at the local level. NFPUG has become an official member of the International Land Coalition (ILC) in March 2018. The importance of becoming an official member of the coalition is to expand our operations through sharing experience and expertise with countries in Central and South-East Asia and cooperating with the government and non-government organizations with a similar field of operations.Location of herder organization

NFPUG is implementing the following actions and services to fulfill its objectives:

  • Establish capacity building service for member as well as non-member organizations
  • Strengthen member organizations and financially assist them
  • Create a consultancy service to set up and cultivate herders’ organizations
  • Cooperate with the government and governmental agencies to improve legal environment for pasture usage
  • Provide expert consultancies on the formulation and regulation of pasture usage policy, as well as contract and dispute settlements
  • Assist in networking with domestic and foreign organizations and making cooperation contracts
  • Organize exhibitions and conferences domestically and abroad
  • Support organization and mobilization
  • Share and exchange delegates and event organization
  • Exchange ideas for the best practices as well as business and investment information
  • Support the media and public relations of member organizations
  • Organize trainings, workshops and meetings


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