Day 1: Drive to Bayanlig soum (lowest administrative unit), Bayankhongor aimag

Drive to Bayanlig. This soum can be identified as representative of two major ecoregions in Mongolia: Desert and Desert Steppe with dryland fauna and flora.  Herders in this soum raise Bactrian camels for racing and camel polo, by which they have become famous all over the country. This area is also famous for rare and very rare species and natural attractions. You will stay overnight close to a herder family in a Ger camp that we specially prepared for you.

Day 2: Tour to Tsav

On the 100 km drive from the center of Bayanlig soum through the colorful desert with exotic vegetation and eye-catching natural creations, true Gobi features can be seen. The trip is to visit a famous place known worldwide as Khermen Tsav, a wonderful red mud rock canyon. Khermen actually means “wall or lattices” and Tsav means “fissure”. Thousands of years of erosion formed this majestic canyon. The canyon is a place where a long time ago, in the early 1920s, an American expedition discovered the first dinosaur skeleton fossils. Scientists argue that 200 million years ago, this place was covered with an inlandsea. It will take most of one day, but you will enjoy the beauty of this arid area and you will come back to the camp that you stayed in the previous night.

Day 3: Experiencing the nomadic way of living


After 2 days spent observing nature in this area, the plan on this day is to visit nomads and their families and witness the nomadic lifestyle. Local people are excited to welcome the guests so they can enjoy their unique hospitality and traditional way of living. In addition to conversing with herders, talking and conversation, guests can test home-made dairy products as such dried curds and other locally-known foods. By interacting with nomadic people in real life circumstances, there are opportunities for you

to experience first-hand and work together with nomads and see how clever the herders are with making efficient use of both natural and livestock-derived raw materials.  Exciting camel riding and traditional games will take place in the afternoon. You will stay overnight in the Ger prepared for you.

Day 4: Sightseeing tour to desert rangeland type

We will offer hiking on this day. We will hike to the top of the mountain. On the way you will enjoy the beauty of the landscape, wild animals and rare species of the Desert Steppe zone. On Day 4, guests will stay outdoors overnight in a tent under the beauty of the clear night sky with sparkling stars.

Day 5: Departure to Ulaanbaatar


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