This tour will take you to Forest Steppe, located in Ikhtamir soum of Arkhangai province. On this trip you’ll see dozens of natural attractions such as: legendary Taikhar boulder, Khorgo (an inactive volcano) and Terkh White Lake (Terhin Tsagaan Nuur). You will also have an opportunity to observe pastoral livelihoods, widely known as nomadic culture, in its centuries-old set-up with elements of modern adaptation. Bird watching and wild nature experiences are also offered. You’ll also see different state and transition modules, rare vascular plant species and wild animals during your hiking around the mountain (Surt Mountain).

                     Map1. Road map


Day 1: Drive to Ikhtamir soum

Along the drive we will stop for a tea break at a unique natural feature. The Elsen Tasarkhai is a relict patch of the Great Gobi covered with special Gobi plants. You will see elements of the Gobi and Steppe at the same time. Visiting this spectacular landscape will provide guests with an opportunity to have an unforgettably peaceful feeling of freedom. Afterwards we’ll proceed to Ikhtamir and stay overnight in a Ger camp that we prepared specially for you.

Day 2: Sightseeing tour to the Forest Steppe (Taikhar, Khorgo, outdoor overnight stay)

The trip will continue with a visit to the Khorgo, an inactive volcano, located in the west of Tariat soum of Arkhangai aimag. Also we offer an outdoor overnight stay, which will enable you to experience the beauty of gazing at the stars, vividly shining in the night sky. The wilderness of the area is filled with natural sounds of river, birds and trees.

Day 3: Hiking day

The next day, guests will be taken hiking by our specialized eco-tourism guide to see different State and Transition Modules and rare and very rare vascular species of the Forest Steppe.  This will also provide guests with knowledge about the method of conducting an assessment of rangeland health based on the structure of natural vegetation and identifying the ecological site. At the end of the day, the guests will stay at a Ger camp.

Day 4: Experiencing the nomadic way of living

After four days of feeling the beauty of untouched nature, guests will spend a day at a herder’s family and witness their nomadic lifestyle and pastoral grazing. As the indigenous people are always willing and excited to welcome guests with their hospitable nature, guests can enjoy their company and learn about their nomadic way of living and daily activities.


This experience will also give guests an opportunity to taste the authentic dairy products and other locally-made foods. Guests will be amazed by the fact that herders in Mongolia live in harmony with nature with their waste-free, eco-friendly lifestyle. In the afternoon, guests will enjoy horse- and yak-riding in an open space, and play traditional games with indigenous people. You will stay in a Ger that we specially prepared for you.

Day 5: Departure to Ulaanbaatar


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